I am kicking the tires on VuFind (we are a Sierra III institution). In trying to do this I am unable to determine where one goes looking for error logs. 

The install runs fine until the I am stopped at FixILS step.

I get 

VuFind is having trouble communicating with your Integrated Library System (ILS). Check your configuration. You may need to edit the file at/usr/local/vufind2/local/config/vufind/Innovative.ini and fill in some connection details.

The contents of  this file are the defaults

url = http://library.colgate.edu

; The following is a set of fields to look up for
; Change them to match your HTML
location_column    = "Location"
call_no_column     = "Call No"
status_column      = "Status"
reserves_column    = "Location"
reserves_key_name  = "res"
status_avail       = "AVAILABLE"
status_due         = "DUE "

with the patron API commented out. 

I ignored this error (what!? :-)) and went ahead and imported MARC records. I am able to run searches without a problem but my results have errors in

Call Number:  An error has occurred
Located:  An error has occurred

So I where do I go to find what this actually means? Also what do you mean 

"Change them to match your HTML" above?

Thanks in advance,

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