On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 2:37 PM, Julia Bauder <julia.bauder@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Francis and all,

When I wrote the Sierra driver, I intentionally made it return codes rather than English labels in many places. My logic was that much of the text that is returned goes through VuFind's translation function anyway, so you ought to be adding the possible responses to your various language.ini files regardless. So why not save a join in the query and make things run a little faster by just returning the codes?

So there are two ways to get the behavior you're expecting on that page. One is to add all of those codes to your en.ini file, along with the human-readable text you want to display to users for each fund. The other is to tweak the query so that it returns the human-readable name for each fund as stored in the fund_myuser table.

If folks think that my logic is wrong and it makes more sense to have the driver return the English-language labels rather than the codes, I'm happy to change those queries and submit a pull request.

I only started looking at VuFind seriously in the last week or so making me the least qualified to "have an opinion" on what is best. ;-) That said I will work with the former first (this should not be your problem by the way) and report back what progress I make.


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