I've loaded marc records many times into our vufind instance, but today for some reason I am getting the following sequence of messages ending in an error and failure.

2011-08-29 14:01:12,517 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.tools.Utils - Opening file: /usr/local/vufind/import/import.properties
2011-08-29 14:01:12,528 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter -  Updating to Solr index at /usr/local/vufind/solr
2011-08-29 14:01:12,528 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter -      Using Solr core biblio
2011-08-29 14:01:12,547 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter - Using the data directory of: /usr/local/vufind/solr/biblio
2011-08-29 14:01:12,548 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter - Using the multicore schema file at : /usr/local/vufind/solr/solr.xml
2011-08-29 14:01:12,549 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter - Using the biblio core
2011-08-29 14:01:13,860 [main] INFO  main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcHandler - Attempting to open data file: /usr/local/records/2_3676167.mrc
ERROR starts here.
2011-08-29 14:01:13,963 [main] ERROR main org.solrmarc.tools.Utils - Fatal error: Unable to find specified properties file: 518
2011-08-29 14:01:13,964 [main] ERROR main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter - Unable to find file containing specified translation map (518)
2011-08-29 14:01:13,965 [main] ERROR main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcHandler - Unable to load Custom indexer: org.solrmarc.index.VuFindIndexer
2011-08-29 14:01:13,965 [main] ERROR main org.solrmarc.marc.MarcImporter - Error configuring Indexer from properties file.  Exiting...

I have done many times before, and I can not seem to see what has changed.  The properties files and translation maps all appear to be in the right place with permissions that should not cause a problem.  I'm guessing that I'm missing the obvious here, but if anyone has some troubleshooting tips, it would be appreciated.  I'm on Version 1.1 on a RH 6 box.

John Wynstra
Library Information Systems Specialist
Rod Library
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA  50613