I imagine all this is internalized if you're a Zend2 expert, but I have to say, after 6 months working on VuFind code (my first exposure to Zend), I still am at a loss to know what pieces fit where for a full request/response cycle. I am experienced with other web frameworks and I get the routing, action finding and templates.  What I don't get are the other implicit Zend namespace expectations, VuFind's many levels of inheritance and dynamic plugin overriding.  

Is it possible to get a thoroughly documented trace of methods called in a basic Solr search and the files that provide those methods?  (I would love for it to be a diagram, but I would happily consume just a list.)  

I realize that is a non-trivial request, so barring that, what resources have helped existing devs bone up on Zend 2 conventions?  I find the official Zend docs are backwards and lacking (for the API) or unhelpfully include every last Zend component (the Reference guide).