I want to apologize for setting us off down the Hangouts path without realizing that we would run into this structural limitation.  My problem with Wimba is that (at least in the version Villanova provides) it is incompatible w/ Ubuntu.  Since BigBlueButton installs on Ubuntu and is *very* open source based (even uses Grails!), I doubt there would be any problem there.  But it would not be reasonable to expect Villanova to provide additional hosting hardware, since they already installed and support a given solution.  The question is whether anyone *else* wants to give it a run.  

However, note that even BigBlueButton's "classroom" interface is limited to 25 people.  That may be enough not to bother us in the short term, but between that and the pre-1.0 release version, it might be problematic.  Any VuFinders have experience with it?  I expect web vidchat scalability is an ongoing problem on any platform.


On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Mosior, Benjamin <BEMosior@ship.edu> wrote:

I did some more digging, and I think I found an open-source project that might surpass Wimba in terms of features and ease of use. Is a locally hosted product an option? This seems to just use the web browser as a client (nothing for users to download).








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I’ve done more research into Google Hangouts, and it looks like this just isn’t going to work for our group size – apparently we either have a 10-person video limit, or we pay to get a 15-person limit (which is still rather low), or we go to text-only chat, in which case we might as well be using IRC.


So we can either go back to Wimba, go low-tech and use IRC, or investigate other options.


For tomorrow’s call, I propose continuing with Google Hangouts since it seems rather last-minute to change, but we can fail over to IRC if the call fills up.  IRC connection information can be found here:




Let me know if you have thoughts/questions.


- Demian

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