Thank you. Error log was saying: "Error function getTemplate() must have a body"
 so it has now
return 'Search/Recommend/MyModule.tpl'
}, but all rest of the methods are empty
when in tpl I've just put
<p> Hello World</p
the question is how can I see it in VuFind?
What should I insert to searches.ini to see the module at side recommendations? I want to see live changes while coding, so I want to see my module appear before the code is full, is it possible?

2012/10/29 Demian Katz <>
When you see a white screen instead of VuFind, it probably indicates some kind of PHP error (like a parse error or illegal function call) in your recommendation module.  Have you looked at your Apache error logs to check for more specific error messages?  That might give you a helpful clue.  If that doesn't help, feel free to post your code here so we can take a look and offer suggestions.
From: Evgene []
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 1:41 PM
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Recommendation Module doesn't apper

I'm pretty new in developing. I've wrote recommendation module php file and
tpl file and placed them in correct directories, but when I'm trying to add
it to searches.ini I see white screen instead of VuFind.
Where can I get the full instructions of writing VuFind Recommendations
Module? Thank You

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