Would you be willing to share your HorizonXMLAPI.ini file without the [Catalog] section?

On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 7:18 AM, Jon Enge <j.enge@vlc.lib.mi.us> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I've been trying out VuFind 2.1 on Ubuntu against our Horizon 7.5.2
training database with HIP 3.23 using the HorizonXMLAPI driver.

I have not yet been able to successfully place hold requests. I've
confirmed that the user can place the request successfully through HIP,
but when I attempt to place the request in VuFind it fails.

On a copy level hold after clicking "Place a Hold," it displays the message:

"You do not have sufficient privileges to place a hold on this item"

If I "Place a Title Level Request" the Pickup Library list displays
correctly for the patron's institution, but after selecting the location
and clicking "Submit Request" it displays:

"Your request failed. Please contact the circulation desk for futher

I think I have Config.ini and HorizonXMLAPI.ini configured according to
the directions and examples I've found, but maybe not.

I'd appreciate any suggestions for further troubleshooting.


Jon Enge
Valley Library Consortium
Saginaw, Michigan

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