Hi Andrea!

Long time, no writing :)

Have you tried for instance:

defaultLoggedInModule= "Search"

Just double check and it's immediate!

Actually I was wondering is of finding a way of (havent't looked at it yet, just thought yesterday, because of my non logged in user comments problem that I solved some hourrs ago, by takimg off  "registerAjaxCommentRecord(); " from web\interface\themes\blueprint\js\record.js), 

-> stay where you are after do the log in by choosing the "login" link (like when invoked by "Add to Favorite")... yes, I know, I just answered bymy own question: getlighbox it with the id if inside a record's full view or lookfor if in a results' page... right? Conceptual idea, but going to try it later... Anyone in the our Community is doing this? Not sure If it useful to our users'... perhaps just not to send them away from where they were...

Have you saying, if you will; I really appreciate it!

Thanks (and please do apologize for hijacking the thread -- could please confirm that the option I send above works for you?),


PS: next > implement a minimal, proof of concept, approach to http://vufind.org/jira/browse/VUFIND-619 (even if a "rude" one -- the idea: have the user's with VuFind Service open in background as much as possible, like with facebook or their e-mail program / page :) )


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On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 9:48 AM, Andrea Marchitelli <marchitelli@cilea.it> wrote:
wich values can I choose from for the defaultLoggedInModule configuration?

It seems to me that only defaultLoggedInModule = MyResearch is working

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