>> We finally found that UseConcMarkSweepGC

Yes, the team here went through the same experimentation just before my time here started and 'UseConcMarkSweepGC' was also the one settled on. Unfortuanately, whilst things improved, the problems have not gone away.


On 10 October 2012 00:24, Till Kinstler <kinstler@gmail.com> wrote:
Am 09.10.2012 13:33, schrieb Greg Pendlebury:

> Looking back through this thread I thought I'd also throw in some other
> unrelated thoughts, since we are currently looking at issues related to
> GC in detail.

Are you experimenting with different garbage collectors? We got very
different results with the different collectors available in (then) SUN
Java virtual machines. Which is to be expected because of the different
nature of the collection strategies. We finally found that
UseConcMarkSweepGC for concurrent collection works best for us. We
didn't encounter any major "application halts" (due to garbage cleanup)
or Out of Memory exceptions any more.
But since we did this two or three years ago with Solr 1.4 and now just
continue with the same Java settings for Solr 3.6 (never change a
working system), it would be interesting to hear your results...


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