ISSUE 1: A) Seems like a lot of nice features were added to solr lately.  So long as no one reports a severe breakage in test imports, sounds like a good idea to upgrade now.
ISSUE 2: A) I’m not entirely up-to-date on this, but the concept seems convincing.
ISSUE 3: A) Setting a date might act as a good catalyst for release.  Even if the code isn’t yet polished enough for public consumption, trunk development can continue and back-porting fixes (from trunk) to the tagged release branch is always available to us.

From: Demian Katz <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 11:05:58 -0400
To: "" <>
Subject: [Vufind-admins] Admin Votes: SolrMarc Upgrade, Single-File Configuration, Release Date

We've had some good discussions and made significant progress this week, but I'm calling a vote on a few issues to make sure the whole admin group gets a chance to comment before action is taken.
ISSUE 1: New SolrMarc Version
So far, a few people have tested out my demian_solrmarc branch that updates VuFind to use the new SolrMarc binary.  Reaction so far seems positive.  Are we comfortable with merging this into the trunk?
A.) Yes, do it now.
B.) No, don't do it.
C.) Wait for more testing.
ISSUE 2: Single-File Search Configuration
I posted a patch this week that moves Dismax settings from solrconfig.xml to searchspecs.yaml.  Till suggested adding support for other Dismax-related settings in the YAML file, which shouldn't be a problem. Do we want to apply this to the trunk?
A.) Yes, do it now.
B.) No, don't do it.
C.) Wait for more discussion.
ISSUE 3: RC2 Release Date
We're getting really close to finishing up all the RC2 issues in JIRA.  I think we should be able to set a firm release date somewhere before the end of the year.  The biggest complicating factor from my perspective is the fact that I'm going to be on vacation (and most likely away from frequent Internet access) from November 21 through December 2.  If last-minute work is needed, I won't be able to participate very effectively during that period -- I'll be lucky if I can even check my email.
For a smooth release, we should probably set a couple of dates -- one as a target to complete development of RC2 and generate a tag in SVN marking the official RC2 release, and the next to actually release it to the public.  The time between the two dates can be used to test the stabilized code in the tag (fixing only critical bugs), update documentation, etc.
Here's a fairly arbitrary suggestion:  how about we aim to tag RC2 by Friday, December 4th at the latest (and do it earlier if all JIRA tickets get closed).  We then aim to release on Monday, December 14th.  This gives us at minimum a full work week for updating documentation and last-minute testing (longer if we get done early, which seems probable).  The release date is also far enough in advance of the holidays that we can be responsive to feedback about the release before many institutions go on break.
A.) Sounds good to me!
B.) Let's discuss further...
(I don't honestly expect everyone to vote to accept these preliminary dates…  but I figure it doesn't hurt to call a vote and get the debate going).
I'll hold off on officially casting my votes until I've seen some other responses.  Since I'm calling the vote and have probably biased it enough already simply by writing this message, I might as well give everyone a chance to change my mind in case I'm making any bad assumptions.
- Demian

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