We are a Voyager site, with the Journal title left anchored index in the classic WebOPAC. As we migrate to VUfind, keenly interested in retaining the journal title index, I see at:
NLA >> title/journal_newspaper
Villanova >> Journal title
I assume both were created by crossing the title index with (Leader/07 is "s" OR  006/00 is "s")  AND  (008/21 is "p"+ Leader/06 is "a")  AND  (Leader/07 is "s"  and 008/21 is n). I have a couple of questions:

>> since the index relies on accurate MARC data in the Leader and 006/008 fixed fields, was there any management needed for updating the MARC records before indexing? if yes, which?
>> was the Villanova index created as a separate index, or is similar in essence to the NLA principle (without the newspapers)? if not, how was it created?

Thank you kindly,
Ya’aqov Ziso, eResources-Serials, Rowan University