It seems as if some of the vufind functionality is not working in RC1.  Please advise the best solution to handling some of these issues:

1.) Submitting favorites doesn’t seem to be completely implemented.  I had to manually update the code in order to get this to work.  Also, when tagging items when submitting a ‘favorite’ it doesn’t like keep multiple tags, it will only take the first tag and add it to the database.

When viewing ‘My Favorites’ I cannot use multiple filters from my tags.

2.) Export to RefWorks does not work.  Does any one have any solutions?

3.)  How will the update process work?  We are looking at running a live beta of RC1, when RC2 or the Production version is release  I don’t want to loose any of the user data stored in the database.  Are the table stuctures changing between any of the RC releases?  If so, will these be a way to install the new versions with out loosing any of the user data?



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