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We’re working with variant of VuFind called VuFindPlus.    VuFindPlus has a separate Solr core to dedicated to econtent.    This core includes bibliographic information from the MARC record and also information that’s pulled via screen scraping from other sources.       In addition to the Solr index, there are tables which contain bibliographic and access information.


We’re running in to several problems with the batch reindex of the econtent records that we think are related, but are being manifested as follows.   We’re currently investigating this as a problem related to timeouts or caching issues during the batch reindexing process.    Are there any other approaches we might take?


1.       During the batch reindex process, The Solr index is not being updated with the format information that is screen scraped from another source.    However, the Solr index is correctly updated when you manually force a reindex of an individual record.

2.       There are 3 tables updated during the reindex process:  econtent_record, econtent_item, and overdrive_item.      The overdrive_item should have at least one record for each econtent_item that is from overdrive, but there are approx. 22K econtent records from overdrive, and only 8500 overdrive item records

3.       There is an overdriveid field in both the econtent_item and overdrive_item tables.   The overdriveid is correct in the econtent_item table, but in the overdrive_item table, the overdriveid is populated some other numeric data, like 916, 445, 52180, etc. 

4.       Since the overdrive_item data includes fields for the available formats for an item (i.e. Adobe PDF, Kindle, WMA Audiobook, etc.), it appears that there should be a record in overdrive_item for each format.   But, the key structure only supports one overdrive_item record for an econtent_item record.      How are the multiple formats for each item recorded in the database?




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