I think this could be to do with your proxy settings. Line 148 ($editions = $this->recordDriver->getEditions();) in /web/services/Record/Record.php attempts to access OCLC/Worldcat to get other editions of the same book (via /web/RecordDrivers/IndexRecord.php and /web/sys/WorldCatUtils.php). Normally this is very quick, but if you are behind a proxy and it isn't configured under [Proxy] in config.ini, I've noticed that this can really slow down the record page, presumably because it is waiting on a timeout for the service. If you can't configure the proxy, try commenting out the following lines in /web/services/Record/Record.php as a test:
            // Find Other Editions
            //$editions = $this->recordDriver->getEditions();
            //if (!PEAR::isError($editions)) {
            //    $interface->assign('editions', $editions);
All the best,

On 26 April 2011 09:46, waynelam <waynelam@ln.edu.hk> wrote:

I have recently freshly installed latest version of VuFind. I've imported
some of the records (around 1000 records). I experienced slow response
while accessing by opening record only but not searching. For instance,


I tried to access solr directly to the specific record (id=37046205), it
response fast without problem.
I suspect the slow may come from the plugins. I tried to disable
them by commenting out "OpenURL", "OAI", "Catalog", etc but still no luck.

Someone know how to track this? The log wouldn't show me anything.

my config.ini:

available       = true
debug           = true
path            = /vufind
url             = http://vufind.my.edu/vufind
local           = /var/www/vufind/web
email           = admin@vufind.my.edu
title           = "vufind.my.edu"
theme           = default
mobile_theme    = mobile
language        = en    ; default -- more options available in
[Languages] below.
locale          = en_US
timezone        = "Asia/Hong_Kong"
defaultModule   = Search
defaultRecordTab= Holdings
type                        = MySQLSession
lifetime                    = 3600 ; Session lasts for 1 hour
file_save_path              = /tmp/vufind_sessions
driver          = Innovative
method          = ILS
enabled         = false
solr            = http://localhost:8080/solr
engine          = Solr
url             = http://localhost:8080/solr
local           = /var/www/vufind/solr
default_core    = biblio
host            = mail.my.edu
port            = 25
database        = mysql://user:pass@localhost/catalog
schema_location = /var/www/vufind/web/conf
class_location  = /var/www/vufind/web/services/MyResearch/lib
require_prefix  =
class_prefix    =
debug           = 0

authors         = Wikipedia

enabled = true
limit   = 3
phrase = false
expand  = true
simple = false
skip_numeric = true
file           = /var/log/vufind/messages.log:alert,error,notice,debug
facets = facets.ini         ; settings affecting faceting in UI
searches = searches.ini     ; search definitions and preferences
en          = "English"
de          = "German"
es          = "Spanish"
fr          = "French"
it          = "Italian"
ja          = "Japanese"
nl          = "Dutch"
pt-br       = "Brazilian Portugese"
zh-cn       = "Simplified Chinese"
zh          = "Chinese"
tr          = "Turkish"
he          = "Hebrew"
ga          = "Irish"

result_limit    = 100
dewey           = false     ; allow browsing of Dewey Decimal call numbers
lcc             = true      ; allow browsing of LC call numbers

RefWorks = true
EndNote = false
MARC = true
RDF = true

multiple_call_nos = first
multiple_locations = msg

next_prev_navigation = false

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