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Hi all,

I want to know thats;

What ils drivers work or what it means integration vufind with koha?

The existing drivers connect with ILS and retrieve associated information to display. That's how a ILS actually integrated with VuFind

For example if my ils system was built with koha. And i installed the vufind, configured its driver to koha.
Then will vufind work with koha synchrony?

No, unless you're using Koha's ILS-DI API functionality which is a reliable connection and less likely to break.

When i add a new item to my library, will that record shown at vufind automatically? Or must i add to vufind it manually?

Yes, you've to upload bibliographic records manually, driver's job is to find the associated information (holding status, patron's login etc.).

We use 080 at call numbers. Our ils driver is not exist. What should i do to show items' call number?
Call No. is also retrieved from database for a particular item, so you need a driver to show that.

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