Just a quick question on search results relevance rankings.  If you do a search of The Help in my catalog instance (http://ezlibrary.infopeake.org ) either with All Fields or by Title

you will get hits on the two items whose title  consist solely of the short title, but then I get some other results after that with Help in the short title and “the” in the 245h info, and then it will list other items for The Help – CD sound recording, DVD recording etc. lower in the rankings.

This seems odd to me as I have the title_short field with the most weight at the top of both All Fields and Title in the searchspecs.yaml file.  I went and removed “the” from the stopwords.txt file, but that didn’t make a difference.  It seems like all my The Help entries should come to the top based on title_short (it lists them that way with the autosuggest feature in the searchbox).



Gregory Testa

Systems Analyst II/Applications Lead

Chesapeake Public Library

Information Technology Department