I’ve added some commands showing how to set up Option A in a clean repository here:




In a complex, real-world situation, the “svn merge” command at the end may blow up with too many conflicts and problems to practically resolve…  but if your changes are simple enough, this is an easy solution.  If you can’t get option A to work, option B should work with similar SVN commands… just in a slightly different order.


Either way, once you have things set up, running a merge periodically should keep you up to date…  and if you run into a weird merge problem, feel free to post on this list to get help.


Let me know if this helps or if you still have questions!


- Demian


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I tried the vendor branching method described in VuFind wiki, but didnt quite manage to accomplish on my task. :)

I pretty much know the basic use of svn (add, commit, checkout and update), but somehow I manage to mess things up with branching and copy. I usually end up in a situation where I get strange errors like "this is not a working copy" or "cannot copy ." etc.

Could you add a command-line examples to your wiki-page, to show exactly how  you branch your distributions?


2010/11/17 Demian Katz <demian.katz@villanova.edu>

Since this question comes up from time to time, I have added some notes to the wiki:




Please take a look and let me know if you have questions.  Also be aware that we’re hoping to gradually make it easier to extend the VuFind code without introducing lots of merge conflicts.  Stay tuned on this list (and, if timing permits, the developers call - http://vufind.org/wiki/developers_call) for further discussion of this in the coming months.


- Demian


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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Migrating changes between Vufind versions



What would be the best option to migrate the changes and customizations done locally, to a new Vufind codebase downloaded from SVN?