Since this year's code4lib, the ILS Interop group has been working on the problem of facilitating better communication between ILS systems and external software like next generation discovery systems.  Our goal is to build on the findings of the earlier DLF ILS-DI group and assist in the implementation of software to meet this interface need.


For the moment, we are focusing on the problem of item availability statuses.  Even this narrow facet of the issue is complex, and we are interested in learning how various existing systems address it.  If you have built or customized any software that communicates with an ILS to obtain information on the availability of items, please take a few minutes to answer our survey:


The survey will close on July 14th.  We will share data gathered from the survey (with your personally identifying information removed) by the first of August.


For more information on our project, please see our Google Group:


Thanks for your participation!


- Demian