If you log in to your account and then click the "Your Account" link, you should get to the page where favorites are managed -- the URL should be something like http://localhost/vufind/MyResearch/Home.  >From this page, you can access lists, delete favorites, and edit tags associated with favorites.


VuFind's options for managing user-added metadata are still a bit limited, though -- there is currently no way to delete a list or to remove tags that were added anonymously via the "add tag" option (as opposed to being associated with a specific list of favorites).


The anonymous tag issue is discussed here:




The limitations on list management are discussed here:




Feel free to comment/vote on these issues if you have thoughts on how to deal with these problems or if you want to see them resolved more quickly.  I haven't put a lot of time into fixing them yet since there hasn't been a particularly high demand for these social features…  but if people want to take the time to discuss the design issues, I'm certainly happy to help with implementation.


- Demian


From: Stewart Brownrigg [mailto:S.J.Brownrigg@kent.ac.uk]
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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Deleting tags and favorites


I think I am having a special day L  Can someone point me to where lists and tags are managed? I am trying to delete tags and favourites and cannot seem to find out where to do that.


Many thanks ,



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