In the examples in the SolrMarc documentation, the pattern map is listed before the "first" option… i.e.:


format_facet = 007[0-1]:000[6-7]:000[6], (map.format), first


Is it possible that this is the cause of your problem?  Does changing things to "id = 011a, (, first" make a difference?


- Demian


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Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:55 AM
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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Sirsi 011 data and REGEX?


I now have the 011 value from the Sirsi MARC data being loaded into solr with the leading ‘u’ intact.

In the snippet below, I set the code different ways, to have a REGEX that would strip off the leading ‘u’ from my 011 data,

  so that 011 $au378964 is indexed as just  3878964


I had a working pattern  u(.*)=>$1  )  before I upgraded to the latest SVN trunk, so maybe someone can suggest a more exact pattern to use now:


Pattern 1:

#id = 011a, first

id = 011a, first, ( = u(.*)=>$1

Pattern 2:


#id = 011a, first

id = 011a, first, ( = .(.*)=>$1


Resulting code in hitlist page:

    <div id="recordu378964" class="result alt record2">


    <div class="yui-ge">

      <div class="yui-u first">

                <img src="/vufind/bookcover.php?isn=9780789742292&amp;size=small" class="alignleft" alt="Cover Image"/>

                <div class="resultitem">

          <div class="resultItemLine1">

          <a href="" class="title">Mac OS X Snow Leopard in depth /</a>



          <div class="resultItemLine2">


                    <a href="">McFedries, Paul.</a>



          <div class="resultItemLine3">

          <b>Call Number:</b> <span id="callnumberu378964">Loading</span><br>

          <b>Located:</b> <span id="locationu378964">Loading</span>


                                <div class="status" id="statusu378964">

              <span class="unknown" style="font-size: 8pt;">Loading...</span>



                                    <span class="iconlabel book">Book</span>




      <div class="yui-u">

        <div id="saveLinku378964">

          <a href="" onClick="getLightbox('Record', 'Save', 'u378964', '', 'Add to favorites', 'Record', 'Save', 'u378964'); return false;" class="fav tool">Add to favorites</a>




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