Apologies again for last week's rather trivial voting request -- I'll try not to overburden the list with picky details in the future.  However, this one is important:  should we merge my Solr 1.4 branch into the trunk?


So far, I don't see a down side -- in my own testing, Solr 1.4 works well.  Many people have been using nightly builds for some time without problems.  Now that Greg has solved my buildOnOptimize problem, it lets us close VUFIND-13 (spellchecker not working).


However, perhaps a bit more testing is in order.


What does everyone think?  Should we get Solr 1.4 into RC2, or should we wait longer?  I'm voting yes on the RC2 upgrade for now, as long as no problems arise that change my mind.


I'm going to be away on vacation next week, so I won't be able to act on a decision until early December…  but a little extra time for discussion and testing probably isn't a bad thing.  If we agree to go ahead with the 1.4 upgrade, I'll definitely be able to get things merged in time for the planned tagging of RC2 on December 4th.


- Demian