Hello, everyone,


In preparation of next month's release of VuFind 1.0RC2, I have started updating the documentation.  Things will probably be changing at a fairly rapid pace over the coming week.  I'm doing my best to retain all RC1-related information so that older installations still have online support.  If something important disappears, it's probably an accident -- please let me know.


The first thing I've done is to streamline the front page of the documentation.  Previously, every imaginable page was linked there, and it was too long -- intimidating for the new user and hard to navigate.  I've tried to reduce this to top-level categories, with those links leading to more detailed sub-pages.  Hopefully this will make everything easier to read and navigate, but again, please let me know if I've managed to lose anything important in the process.


If you want to take a look at the work so far, you can see it here:




If you have any suggestions or requests, please share them and I'll keep them in mind as I work through this stuff.


- Demian