I'm assuming from the lack of response to this week's admin email that people are either on vacation or not terribly concerned about the issues I raised.  Either way, I can't blame you. :-)


In the interest of moving forward, I've started doing some editing of minor Wiki pages to reflect RC2 functionality.  The first significant revision affects the search customization and tuning page:




For this page, I chose to use the "link back to old revision" strategy to retain access to RC1 documentation.  This may not be the best option for all pages, but it seemed appropriate here.  We can always change it if voting suddenly reveals resistance to that approach.


In any case, please take a look at this page and add notes if you like.  I think it's a great sign of progress that we're able to replace a page that says "change a whole bunch of code" with a page that talks about changing configuration options…  but we still need to make sure we have good comprehensible documentation in order for this to be a real step forward.


- Demian