A better stemmer does sound attractive.  As far as whether this justifies the switch, I have two main concerns to weigh it against:  frequency of updates and long-term support.  I know we're waiting on Solr 1.4 for at least one feature (spellchecker reindex on optimize), and it would be unfortunate if using a different build significantly delayed our ability to take advantage of the new Solr version or future fixes/enhancements.  It could also be a problem in the future if Solr moves on and the LucidImagination build dies -- we could end up becoming dependent on a feature set that is no longer part of active Solr development.  I'm not sure how likely it is that either of these things will become problems -- I'm new to Solr and unfamiliar with LucidImagination -- but I think they're considerations worth keeping in mind when making the choice.


- Demian


From: Andrew Nagy [mailto:asnagy@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 9:29 AM
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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Upgrade Solr to LucidImagination Solr release


Hi Folks - I was poking around at LucidImagination's SolrWorks website and was thinking about switching Solr in the VuFInd source to use their custom build.  It has some nice enhancements that I would like to take advantage of - mainly the KStemmer since the PorterStemmer is ridiculously advantageous in it's stemming.


Anyone have any thoughts or comments on replacing Solr from the community build to the LucidImagination build?