I've been working with Tim McGeary to start planning Dewey call number support in VuFind.  In order to achieve call number browsing for Dewey similar to the current LC browse functionality, I think we're going to need to add some new indexes and new custom SolrMarc functionality.  This brings up two important questions:


                1.) Which version of SolrMarc is currently bundled with VuFind, and what's the procedure for updating it?  Is it just an export of the SolrMarc trunk compiled to use the GenericVuFind example package, or is there more to it than that?  Whatever the answer, we should probably add an "updating SolrMarc" howto in the developer section of the Wiki for future reference.


                2.) If we need to make additions to the VuFindIndexer class,  where do we put them?  Does somebody on the VuFind project have commit access to SolrMarc, or do we need to go through a contact on that project?  Should I be taking this question to the solrmarc-tech list?


                We should have more discussion of the specifics of the Dewey implementation in the near future…  but for now I just want to start by figuring out how to approach the problem from a project logistics standpoint.