I've been playing around with LimeSurvey in the VuFind Sourceforge account.  I have set up a simple survey that lists all of the potential VuFind admins and allows up to seven of them to be checked off.  The survey is currently hidden, but I will enable it once all the skills survey submissions are in and the results are more easily accessible.


Two questions:


                1.) Any objections to the "up to seven votes per voter, candidates with the top seven vote counts are the admin group" selection technique?


                2.) Any suggestions for tie-breaking if that situation should arise?  I toyed with the idea of using preference-ordered rankings instead of flat selections for the voting in order to reduce the chances of a tie, but that seemed like it would make things more complicated and have potential to skew the results in undesirable ways.  I can add a second tie-breaker question if anybody can think of a good way to structure it, or we can just hope for the best and have a run-off if necessary.


                I would like to have these issues resolved by the end of the week so that next week can be the official voting period and we can announce the admin group a week from Monday.  Please be sure get your skills survey submitted (http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en_GB&formkey=dDNPNi1KVm9kY2dxcFAyRnB3UklLUEE6MA..) if you haven't already!