Just discovered that the hold/recall links in our VuFind installation are not working -- they go to a Voyager login page, but the page is malformed (the drop-down to the left of the barcode entry box is empty but should show a sample barcode number), and filling in the form just leads to a dead-end error screen.


The current VuFind Voyager driver works by screen-scraping links from the web catalog.  The problem seems to be that the links are system-specific.  A link served to the VuFind server works if it's accessed from the server, but if it's passed along to a VuFind client, it no longer functions.  It's nothing to do with cookies or sessions, since I can access a working URL in multiple web browsers, and as long as I stay on the same computer, it continues to work…  but if I try to access it from a different box, it won't work.  Maybe IP address is being hashed into one of the parameters or something like that.  Since Voyager is essentially a black box, this is a hard one to understand or work around.


I notice some discussion about broken Voyager hold functionality back in March or April, but I see no clear resolution.  Did this ever work right?  Is it working now for any of the other Voyager libraries?