Hi Graham,

I'd recommend jumping in with both feet and getting your work into the trunk as early in your development processes as possible. It makes integration with your local work easier from your perspective (I imagine) and therefore more likely that it will continue over time, and that's better for the community :)

If you / your team is confidant I would suggest getting commit access directly to the trunk to make your life easier. Demian should be able to arrange that... which is a good question, can anyone else do that?


On 29 November 2010 20:31, Seaman, Graham <Graham.Seaman@rhul.ac.uk> wrote:

We're in the process of modifying vufind for local usage. Our intended use is a bit different from the usual: we are not using solr at all. Vufind is purely a front end for our other applications, giving a single access point for federated searches/OPAC/patron management/link resolver etc. In practice this means mainly that we are using the Vufind Summon module as our discovery page, then pulling in information from other applications through web-services and/or screen scraping.


I'm running this off vufind trunk, and keeping in sync with trunk by daily updates/merges, while we are developing. The more local changes we make the more work is involved with merges: it would reduce this work if it was possible to feed some of our changes back. Most of these are minor and all fit with the overall structure of vufind; we want to stay as close as possible to trunk. One problem is that although I'm pretty sure that our additions are done in a way that won't affect other uses of vufind, we don't have the setup to test with other uses than our own.


the kind of things we have so far are:


-          A link resolver driver modelled on the OPAC drivers that can use the SFX and 360 Link OpenURL APIs

-          Additional function in bookcover.php to fetch bookcovers from Summon using the local cacheing mechanism

-          Additional functions for the Aleph driver for patron management




What's the best approach for us to take? Is there anyone with commit privileges who could filter these changes to make sure they are safe/useful enough to go in? Should I wait till our changes are in a final form, or try to get them into trunk early? Or should we just carry on developing locally rather than trying to feed changes back, at least for now?




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