Luke there may be a completely different way to skin that particular cat using phonetics.

We played around a lot with the four different encoders provided by the standard filter when we were trying to bridge the US vs UK spelling problem:

And unfortunately all of them proved unsuitable because of the stemming built in, except for one without stemming but it mixed up 'k' & 's' because they are both related to 'c'... go figure.

I did however notice an undocumented (to my knowledge) filter 'solr.DoubleMetaphoneFilterFactory' in the Smiley & Pugh Solr book that came out in 2009. Haven't played with it though.

We also tried addressing it with the spellchecker but ran into my favourite old bugbear... the 'onlyMorePopular' flag.

This remains an annoyance for me, but at least traditional OPACs all had the same problem :)


On 29 September 2010 22:15, Osullivan L. <> wrote:

Hi Folks,

I tried a search for globali?ation expecting to find results for globalisation and globalization but get a very limited set of results.

Have I misinterpreted the ? wildcard or is something wrong?


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