I am uploading some electronic journals in marc format to VuFind. One of my sample data is like this:

=LDR  00000cas\a2200000\a\4500
=001  AAL001
=008  101125s9999\\\\xx\r\poo\\\\\000\0\eng\d
=022  0\$a1745-7270
=245  00$h[electronic resource]$aActa Biocimica et Biophysica
=260  \\$aOxford Journals OUP
=310  \\$a12 no. a year
=538  \\$aMode of access: Internet
=650  \0$aLife sciences
=856  40$zFulltext  available from Oxford University Press :2009-present$uhttp://abbs.oxfordjournals.org/

After uploading, it shows the format 'Electronic'. But I want to display it in 'Journal' format with 'Online'. Though my marc data have been prepared to show that, but doesn't seem to work. Do I need to make any change inside VuFind? Moreover, in case of any electronic resource, it should be mentioned just after the title, like [electronic resource]. It's not showing also. I also looked at ../index_script/format.bsh file which is used to determine the format of a record, but couldn't figure out the problem. Any help?

Altaf Mahmud
System Programmer
Ayesha Abed Library
BRAC University