Hello all!

I am new around here, so my apologies for stepping forward and reply without proper introduction (hope to do it later on today) or any kind of consent from our developers to do it. Hope this is ok.

Andrea, I got that problem too in 1.0.1 test platform; insert

     require_once 'DB/DataObject.php';

somewhere before

   class ConnectionManager

and hopefully will do the trick (I believe it was that error that I was getting); like you say, everything is working fine in the new release (1.1) / svn trunk;

VuFind is a great platform, so Damian (and all the developers and community) please do accept my greatest compliments and thank you so much for providing us this excellent discovery platform.

All the best (have a great week),

Filipe Bento

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 8:20 AM, Andrea Marchitelli <marchitelli@cilea.it> wrote:
Hi to all,
I'm trying to use the OAI-PMH harvester to import in vufind records from OJS.

I know that this feature has been improved in Vufind 1.1, but we are
still using 1.0.1 release. So, I've created (using the file in the

The harvesting of my OAI-PMH source was performed correctly; I got my
directory /harvest/NAMEOFTHESOURCE but when I perform
sh batch-import-xsl.sh JLIS ojs.properties

I got this: Fatal error: Class 'DB_DataObject' not found in
/var/vufind/web/sys/ConnectionManager.php on line 105

We are using MySQL

Thank for help,

Dr. Andrea Marchitelli

ph. +39 06 59292856 - mob. +39 340 4027156 - fax +39 06 5913770
CILEA - Consorzio Interuniversitario
skype: andreamarchitelli

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