You might be interested in the Haithi Trust experience. They use Vufind to index bibliographic records, but I think they have decided to develop a new Solr-based, "large-scale search" interface for handling their full-text indexing needs. I don't know the reasons for this, i.e. whether they had performance issues with Vufind or whether the decision was driven by other requirements. See


On 27 July 2010 14:06, Till Kinstler <> wrote:
Am 21.07.2010 13:32, schrieb
> Hello.
> I'd like to know, whether VuFind works with several million records (30-40 million).

We currently have an index holding around 22 million records.
There are installations of Solr (the search engine that VuFind uses),
that have far more records (for example some well known aggregated
search index products in the library business with some 100 million
Solr scales very well, you can set up distributed installations in
different ways to fit different needs etc... I wouldn't expect problems,
though of course you should think about hardware and architecture of
your solution depending on use cases...

> In particular, does faceted search works then yet?

Yes, it does.

> Do you have experience with such a big index or maybe do you know someone, who is it using?

As I said: We do with 22 million records...
Not an issue so far. On pretty standard "round the corner" hardware we
are currently serving around 10 requests per second with peaks around
30-40 requests/second (on the Solr search backend side, it's less on the
VuFind user frontend, our customized VuFind installation causes a lot of
search requests eg. because of autocomplete functionality). It simply

So, just do it, it will work with 30 or 40 million records. If you
encounter bottlenecks, look at the Solr side. It's really easy to scale
Solr for large indexes or high loads or both (at least compared to other



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