I think I understand :). Could it work like the current date slider in the facet column, i.e. zoom in by default but alway re-extend beyond the selected region by 20 years. E.g. if 1950-1970 is selected, the graph would show 1930-1990. The user could then re-select that whole range (ie zoom out to 1930-1990), & the graph would reset to 1910-2010 allowing it to be further extended without having to remove the filter entirely. It seems to partially do this already, e.g. when it is zoomed in on 1974-1985, it actaully shows 1950-1990 with my selection hightlighted but it won't re-extend beyond these dates if I select the whole range, so I basically have to remove the filter entirely. Again I haven't looked at the code so I have no idea if this is possible. Cheers

On 24 February 2011 09:20, Till Kinstler <kinstler@gbv.de> wrote:
Am 24.02.2011 09:25, schrieb Eoghan Ó Carragáin:
> Till, this looks really good - thanks! I haven't tried running the code
> either, but just have a question from trying your demo site.

Currently the site is very much work in progress, because that's my
development site as well :-)
I have refactored it to AJAX yesterday night, will post a new patch to
Jira today or tomorrow, I think.

> Sometimes flot shows the entire timeline even when the Publication Date
> facet is applied [1], but other times it zooms-in giving a close up of
> the selected date range [2]. I think this zoom/close-up functionality
> makes it more useful and engaging, especially where there the overall
> date range is quite broad (ie where there is lots of older material in
> the index). When does flot decide to zoom in, & why isn't it the default?

Yes, the behaviour might be a bit irritating.
Currently, it zooms in, if you apply other than publication year filters
(other facets like format, language, subject...), but doesn't for the
publication year filter (you can see the applied publication year filter
in the selected area, but to be able to zoom out again, all years of
publication with all other filters applied are displayed, otherwise you
couldn't "zoom out" without removing the filter completely). Hmmm, does
someone understand this? :-)


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