I notice that the list of languages for browsing on the VF2 home page and for limiting on the advanced search page seem to be based on what present in the Solr indexes at some point, but that information is cached. Makes sense to me, you want to only show languages present in the data, but you don't want to query Solr every time.

What triggers a refresh of that cache? or what is the best way for me to trigger a refresh?

I ask because I did a small import, got a short list of 10 languages, and now have done a full (>6 mil. bibs) import and still have the short list of languages. I figure I can blow away the cache under local/cache/languages, and this really isn't a normal operational circumstance, but I am interested in understanding how this works and how to nudge the cache to update. If for no other reason than to keep staff from freaking out during testing.



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