Dear VuFind,

I'm new to Library software and don't work in the field.  But people I know have private libraries of about 10,000 books which are not loaned out.  They are interested in how to share their libraries and digital content, (though they don't need an ILS for checking in and out books & materials.)  One digital archiver we got advice from said that we shouldn't even use an OPAC because they are too cumbersome.  That search engines can sort it out once the content is published.  But when I inquired to Library Thing they said that more than what they offered was needed, that they didn't have a simple solution for the list of requirements.  Now I'm not going to bother pasting the list of desired features here but to sum up the minimal desired features.

The desired features are to have an organized way to share online both bibliographical information and digital content.  This is something that CMS's can do but the bibliographic information doesn't integrate with OPAC search networks just by simply publishing the bibliographic summary as a web page.

Before reading more of the documentation, I tried installing VuFind as a module in Drupal on my shared hosting account.  Unsurprisingly, it didn't work.  I wish for a Drupal module that I can install, that organizes bibliographic information and allows variation in the search and browsing of the materials, plus allows embedding of digital content.  Though it would be nice, it doesn't have to use Mark records (something I don't know how to do anyways, or if it could use them in the background).

Trouble I've had in the past researching OPAC options is that I can't install a Z.39.5 server on my Bluehost shared hosting account, not allowed.  And I'm getting the same idea about Solr.  I question if it will be allowed if it's similar to Z.39.5.  And I've tried the demo but there is no access to the administration dashboard area.  It doesn't appear to be a true demo but a real library, the contrast being that a demo is disposable and open.

So can you make something scaled down for shared hosting accounts?  Google books doesn't appear to be using Mark records, just a few categories.  I'm hoping for categorical organization and compatibility but would settle for just flexible organization of content, including embedded content such as digitization of books and videos.  Not to be crude, but a cross between an OPAC and a content farm would be great, e.g., VuFind meets the Huffington Post.

Thanks for your considerations and if there is any response.

Truth Collins
(just someone helping out)

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