Have you looked at the Solr-driven reserves search?  Instructions on how to turn it on can be found above the [Reserves] section of web/conf/config.ini.  If you use that module instead of the default version, you get more powerful searching, and it’s easier to create an external form that submits the necessary parameters into VuFind.


If you’re happier with the default drop-down approach, though, one option would be to make a server-side call to VuFind from whatever CMS you are using to build your website – from there, you could extract the necessary form elements.  Perhaps you could do this once a day and cache the results to reduce load on your ILS.


- Demian


From: Thomas Misilo [mailto:misilot@fit.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 3:53 PM
To: vufind-general@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [VuFind-General] Course Reserves




I was wondering how hard it would be to pull the 3 course reserves options and put on another subdomain site?


As we would like to incorporate the ability to have them listed similar to what we have on our site already (http://lib.fit.edu/   Reserves Tab). Right now we only have search and that is through Symphony. I would either like to replicate the ability to search like this, or even better get the 3 dropdown listing on our main website.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated!