If you have Koha and VuFind installed on separate systems, you can use the MySQL GRANT command to allow VuFind to read the Koha database.  More details here:




So, for example, assuming Koha is on server1 (with a database named koha) and VuFind is on server2, you could do something like this:


1.)    Log into Koha database as an administrator.

2.)    Run SQL: GRANT SELECT ON koha.* TO ‘vufind’@’server2’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘vufind_password’;

3.)    Edit web/conf/Koha.ini on your VuFind server and fill in the [Catalog] section appropriately.  Using this example, host would be ‘server1’, username would be ‘vufind’ and password would be ‘vufind_password’


(Obviously, this is just an example – you’ll have to figure out server names and database names based on your current configuration, and you can pick any username/password you like for restricting the access).


Does that help?


- Demian


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hello Plese help me


there is not Koha database in my System that installed Vufind on it,

i don't know what i should to do?

where is it ?how i can create it?

Please help me