I saw a demo of the Mendeley API at code4lib and thought that it might come in handy for enhancing VuFind results, particularly within the Summon module.  Mendeley is a citation management system that creates an open citation database with the help of user data and which has an open API for finding citation information, related articles, etc.  I have put together a simple proof of concept VuFind integration here, which uses Mendeley to produce a “similar items” list on the Summon record view using DOIs for identification and linking:




If anybody has time to take a look at this, I would be interested to hear what you think and whether you have other ideas for using these APIs within VuFind.


Note that this was coded for speed and not efficiency – I’m sure there are better ways of structuring the Mendeley class, and there’s definitely a need for a caching mechanism (Mendeley has daily rate limits for performance reasons, but caching content is encouraged).


Also, it took me a few tries to find a Summon record that actually showed up in Mendeley – one good way to do this is to just go to www.mendeley.com and browse until you find an article with a DOI…  then search that DOI in Summon, and if you find it there, everything should link up on the record view page!


- Demian