Fortunately, the SolrMarc import tool comes with some scripts to help with debugging – they are found in the import/bin folder under your VuFind installation.  They are:


indextest – dump results of indexing to screen

indextest2 – same as indextest, but with extra details extracted from Solr schema


To run them, first make sure they are executable…


chmod +x /usr/local/vufind/import/bin/indextest*


Now you can run either tool like this:


cd /usr/local/vufind/import

bin/indextest /path/to/your/marc/file.mrc


(obviously, replace /usr/local/vufind with your own VuFind path if necessary… and replace indextest/indextest2 with indextest.bat and indextest2.bat if running under Windows).


I am also copying this message to the solrmarc-tech list, since you may get some additional advice from there in case this answer is not enough….


- Demian


From: Tulie Amichal []
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 6:49 AM
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] debugging format.bsh




I'm getting odd format assignments for some items and I want to enhance the use of 008 (Israeli libraries almost never use 007)


Is the only way to troubleshoot, to load a record and see what I have in the index? Is there an option to add outputs at runtime?






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