As soon as I finish up another project, I'm going to start working on a mapping system that will allow you to map marc fields (and appropriate subfields) to the fields in the Solr schema in XML. There's some preliminary work being done at UVa with their Blacklight project which we've been collaborating on.

The schema will be quite similar to what was written for the marc4j-lucene api, but with Solr terminology and connections. If you'd like to help, let me know and I can send you some more info.


On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 4:35 PM, Alan Rykhus <> wrote:

I'm very interested in the SOLR schema and how the MARC tags are mapped
to individual indexes. I started using Solr with the fac-back-opac
implementation and did quite a bit of work on our site redoing the
schema and mapping the MARC tags to the schema. I realized I would have
to rewrite the Python parser to get what I would like for functionality.
I then looked at the VUFind implementation and decided to work with this
instead. I figure if I have to rewrite a parser, I might as well get the
added functionality you already have in VUFind.

Since I have not seen anything about this on the list, I would like to
start the conversation. I have been looking at the java code and can see
how things are implemented. One thing our consortia has asked for is a
more detailed indexing, a lot of additional fields that were not indexed
in fac-back-opac and are not indexed in VUFind.

The additional comment I could make is that it looks like the schema is
indexing all fields. I had set up 4 keyword indexes, as well as a number
of string fields that are used mostly for facets. (I sometimes think
that I have too many facets.) I also stored a number of fields without
indexing them. These fields were stored for display purposes, most of
the time I used a copyField line to index them in one of the 4 keyword

What is the plan for the new setup and how can I help?

thanks -- al
Alan Rykhus
PALS, A Program of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

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