This doesn't surprise me Michael.  Im curious if your users are using the tagging and add to favorites functionality as well?

Thanks for sharing!


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 12:52 PM, <> wrote:
Just curious what others' experience has been with the 'comment on this'
option (either in VuFind or in equivalent products)? We had thought
students would leap on the opportunity to share their thoughts on the
books they were borrowing, but we've had the catalogue running for over
a year (and since September it has been our main interface with c.5,000
hits a day), and to date we've had a grand total of ... two comments.

To add insult to injury, one of those was clearly just testing what
happens when you hit the submit button, and the other comment was
reporting a broken link.

Should we take the hint that this functionality just doesn't appeal to
our students? Are any other sites seeing the comment functionality used?


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