No - just that one.  The return statement is the culprit.

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 2:07 PM, Lovins, Daniel <> wrote:

What about the other cases ... do those also stop the routine?


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Daniel - yes that looks like a bug.  When it hits the 245h "electronic resource" it stops the routine.  Does this 245h rule seem like a generic enough rule - or is too "local rule" sounding?  Should their be more 245h detection rules?  Either way - it should not stop the routine upon detection.


On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Lovins, Daniel <> wrote:

       This reminds me of another question I had. Forgive my ignorance of Java code, but are the cases in the getFormat function mutually exclusive? That is to say, if a record meets the criterion for the first case, i.e., MARC 245 subfield $h "Electronic resource", will all of the other cases be skipped, or will a test be made of every case for every record, so that each record might  be represented by multiple formats in the Solr index?



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       David - I believe you mean the output of the getFormat function is configurable - which has always been the case.  The part that is not configurable is the algorithm that does the detection of the format.

       I think we need to investigate creating a configuration file for the getFormat method to allow the detection to be configurable.


       On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 8:16 AM, David Lacy <> wrote:

              The getFormat function is now configurable in the new version of solrmarc. The function now returns formats that can be re-labled to your liking. We did though alter the function to better reflect the multi-formated nature of a lot of our records. For instance we no longer use eBook as a format. It would either come through as Book and Online, or Book and DataDisc.

              I would be happy to share as well.

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              I rewrote that area extensively for our Library and I'm happy to share, but the thing I get most when looking at stuff like this is that every Library will have differences (sometimes subtle, sometimes glaring).

              We ended up using 'format' and 'sub_format' to bring an even greater degree of distinction:

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              Daniel - This is definitly a VuFind issue.  I made that comment :)  This was something that I came across when developing the algoritm to detect the format from a marc record.  I found that if I captured the C from the 007 it was making too many records "Electronic".  Speaking of - I don't even like the term Electronic as a format - but I couldn't come up with a better term.  It's probably time that we re-evalute the format detection algortihm and revise it.  Please feel free to make any suggestions.


              On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 5:10 PM, Lovins, Daniel <> wrote:

              Not sure if this is a VuFind question or a SolrMarc question ...

              I've been looking at how electronic resources are indexed in Solr.

              In (e.g.,, where it's looking at records that have the value 'C' (= "Electronic Resource") in MARC 007 byte 0, and an R (= "remote") in byte 01, there's an in-line comment on lines 130-131: "Do not return - this will cause anything with an 856 field to be labeled as "Electronic".

              I'm just not sure what this means.

              The default for this routine (Case C) is "Software". Wouldn't the default kick in if nothing is returned? And how does the 856 relate to this?

              Thanks for your help.


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