Phil - this happens when the marc parser cannot parse the marc data.  Im assuming this is coming from the record view page - which means the data coming back for the Holdings information is not valid marc data.

There is a fix for this for the Voyager driver in SVN.


On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Philip Shafer <> wrote:
Can someone decode this error for me and let me know if it can be fixed?

Fatal error: Uncaught File_MARC_Exception Tag &quot;�00&quot; is not a valid
tag. in php-5.2.4/lib/php/File/MARC/Data_Field.php on line 103
Exception trace # Function Location
File_MARC_Data_Field->__construct('�00', Array, ' ', '
File_MARC->_decode('01639cam a220037&hellip;')
/disk2/ApplicationStack/v1.0/vufind-1.0RC1/web/File/MARC.php:246 in
php-5.2.4/lib/php/File/MARC/Field.php on line 81


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