Phil - my answers are below:

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:11 PM, Philip Shafer <> wrote:

I just tried posting a message to the vufind-general list and both times I was bounce back.

Here are my questions:

We have been waiting for the next release candidate (or official 1.0 release) for quite some time. †Now Iím wondering if there is a version that fixes some of the functions that werenít quite functional as of RC1.

Here are the functions I am looking to use come this fall:

1.) PHP Session based user logins, we have disabled the user logins currently because they were storing username and password in a plain text cookie

This has been rewritten to use sessions and secure password management by Chris Delis at CARLI.

2.) As of RC1 the save to book bag and the tagging features we not quite working properly, Iím hoping that by now they are fixed in some version.

What was not working?† We have tweaked this quite a bit since then.† The favorites mechanism now has lists so people can organize into lists.† This is not yet in SVN but coming soon.

3.) There have been issues with the Voyager driver, especially with course reserves, multiple holdings hopefully these have been resolved.

A major issue that was causing the holdings display to fail has been solved.† The course reserves search has not been changed as it has not been a major concern in the community - so it got a lower priority.
4.) Book covers donít work all the time, I know there was a patch for this, so Iím hoping a newer version from the SVN could resolve this.

Im not aware of this problem - but if it is documented in JIRA - than thats all that needs to happen.† If it is not in JIRA - please make sure it is well documented there.

5.) †ĎNextí and ĎPreviousí record links on the record view page.

I mainly ask because I donít want to get into a loop of editing core files and losing those changes upon an update to the next version. †I would prefer to use this as much out of box as possible and leave any/all changes to happen in the theme. †

There has not been any development with this yet.† If you want to work on this - that would be great.† The hard part with this is to make it tab/mulitple window safe.