Stematis - yes - our documentation has no begun to be changes to match the latest official released version of VuFind - VuFind1.0RC1

I suggest you try VuFind with that version.

Also - we don't have a Greek translation - so if you would be interested in translating the interface into greek - it would be much appreciated.

Good luck,

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 4:16 AM, Stamatis Rapanakis <> wrote:

  I am trying to install VuFind in CentOS 5.2. In the instructions ( it is mentioned that "VuFind contains a file called vufind-httpd.conf be sure to copy or link this into your apache conf.d directory." I cannot find such file in the vufind-0.8.2 folder. The only .conf file is scripts.conf in vufind-0.8.2\solr\conf folder, and it does not require modification. I guess that this refers to an older version and that it should be removed.


    Stamatis Rapanakis

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