(Not sure how to reply within the thread, so I'm just sending another email to the listed address.)

I've been passing on what I'm learning from your replies to the others concerned.

About Drupal, no it doesn't have to be based on Drupal.  (That was based on my misconception that VuFind was a Drupal module which was cleared up by the first reply here.)  It could be anything that works.  Sure, a turn-key solution would be the easiest, of course.  Servers, databases, and command line are all somewhat beyond my current skill set, being on the learn someday "to do list".

In any case, I have a better idea of what was explained.  Thank you.

Will be checking into these.

and to see if there are other biblio CMS plugins or modules


"digital repository"

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Truth, based on your requirements, you might want to take a look at Omeka:


It would run easily in shared webhosting, while allowing you to add
metadata/digitized materials.

It won't get you any closer than VuFind, though, if you really want
something integrated into Drupal.