Good question Bill, along a similar vein I've been wondering over the last few days on solrmarc's relationship with solr in terms of code/dependencies.
For example (I think) /vufind/import/dist/lib/apache-solr-* are used by solrmarc during runtime. Do they need to match the version of solr running inside Jetty?
And where is solr inside Jetty (/vufind/solr/jetty/webapps/solr.war)?
The thread from last week got me thinking along these lines since solrmarc accesses solr's file system space directly it almost seems like solrmarc is really a separate solr install talking to the same index as Jetty's solr. I imagine keeping the versions identical is important then.

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From: Bill Dueber []
Sent: Tuesday, 16 December 2008 2:21 AM
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] How do I add solr nightly libraries to solrmarc?

I've been trying to figure out what libraries in solrmarc should (or even can?) be replaced by the libraries in the solr nightly I'm running.  One option, of course, is "don't bother," but I'd like to not have to comment out all my FastLRUCache stuff every time I update records.

BTW -- for those who haven't tried it, the facet code in the latest nightlies is ridiculously fast.

Anyway ... any pointers?

Bill Dueber
Library Systems Programmer
University of Michigan Library

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