We just had a two-day conference/workshop sessions on open source in UK academic libraries. One of the talks was on Vufind and Blacklight.


The first speaker, Chris Keene, concentrated on Vufind's ease of installation and use. He set up a demo 8-minute install of vufind on an Amazon EC2 host:





The second speaker concentrated on usability and screen layout. Nicola Osborne tried speed-typing the talk:




From my own notes, I think the speaker was particularly bothered by having Vufind options such as 'search history' buried at the bottom of the results page instead of visible at the top, and preferred to have options either at the top, or in a 'fixed' bar always visible at the bottom of the page without scrolling. I didn't feel any of the criticisms were really fundamental.


On the second day Mark Hughes from Swansea talked about the South Wales federated library implementation of Vufind:




(search for 'SWWHEP (South West Wales Higher Education Partnership): Episode 2.' , the talk doesn't have an anchor)


which sounds like it has been a really successful Vufind project.