I stumbled upon:

"Filipe also mentioned elasticsearch as a possible Solr alternative. David said he had looked into it and concluded it was not a Solr replacement, though it is useful for real-time searches in more limited applications – Solr is more robust. "

Two additional links which might help people to shape their own point of view.

A presentation given at the last Berlin Buzzwords (http://berlinbuzzwords.de/)

A presentation given at http://www.nandana.org/2012/11/apachecon-europe-2012-sinsheim.html

Personally I prefer the last one especially because of the picture drawn by Anne Veling in the last part of his presentation where he describes "The evolution of search" which I can agree on - behind sometimes boring discussions about detailed functionalities supported by the one or the other.

For me it's remarkable that Anne made his presentation already last November. In the meantime we have seen ElasticSearch 0.9x and soon 1.0. which confirms the drawn picture from my point of view.

Beside the discussion about Search-Server alternatives Anne's presentation gives some interesting inside view related to activities going on at ProQuest / Summon (which were new at least for myself)


On 07/23/2013 04:45 PM, Demian Katz wrote:
Here are the minutes from today's call:


The next call will be Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (14:00 GMT).

Apologies to anyone who was blocked from joining today due to the Google Hangouts 10-person limit; we were not aware of that before today!  We'll investigate whether there's a better solution to accommodate a larger group -- watch for updated instructions in the next agenda email.

- Demian

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