Hello Christian,

Couldn't you add an additional field/flag in your driver? It would be able to look at all of the items and know if they are all checked out, then set some sort of flag that you return and could then use in your holdings.tpl display.


On 06/26/2013 07:48 AM, Christian Dabrowski wrote:
as far as I remember there was a reason why we didn't use the title_level_holds. But our admin, Kate, is back from holidays next week - then I'll know more.
If I still need any information then, I'll contact the list. Thanks!!


Am 26.06.2013 14:23, schrieb Demian Katz:

Does it help if you set title_level_holds_mode in config.ini to “availability”?  This will only show the link if all items are unavailable.  However, if you do this, it will no longer consult the driver to see if title-level holds are applicable, so it may cause problems in some scenarios.


If the “availability” mode doesn’t meet your needs, another option would be to loop through the items and set a new variable, then use that variable to control the display….  Let me know if you need more details!


- Demian


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Hi Vufinders,

I would like to show the Recall-This-Button on title level (holdings.tpl) only when no other item of the same title is available. I tried to do it with an if-statement {if $ava_text == 'Available'} button code here {/if} but realized that $ava_text is item dependent ($row.ava_text). Thus it doesn't work and the button is never visible. Is there any other variable I could check to solve this?


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